Home Support Programs

Home Support Programs are Ministry Funded and Non-Funded Programs designed to enable seniors, disabled and individuals with special needs to remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Hot Meals on Wheels

Hot Meals on Wheels includes hot nutritious meals cooked fresh daily at The Grove and consist of: soup, crackers, hot main course, dinner roll and dessert. The program is available to: seniors 55 years of age or older, adults who are chronically ill, adults living with a disability, adults convalescing from surgery or illness, and adults undergoing medical treatments (no matter the age). Fee Based

Please note that the Hot Meals $2.00 price reduction subsidy ends on November 30th

Frozen Meals Program

Seniors at Home’s Frozen Meals Program is for Seniors Citizens who are age 55 and over as well as individuals with special needs who reside within the Town of Arnprior or the Township of McNab/Braeside. (Details in Frozen Meals Brochures) Seniors At Home has increased its inventory of Frozen Meals to ensure a good supply during the pandemic. Fee Based                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Two suppliers; Apetito and Griffith Farm & Market with a large variety of Frozen Meals and desserts are available for our seniors, disabled or those with special needs. To order please call 613-623-7981.  Try them…. they are delicious!

Apetito Frozen Meals Brochure &  Apetito Order FormGriffith Farm and Market Frozen Meals Brochure & Griffith Farm and Market Order Form

Grocery Shopping Program

Assisted shopping and delivery of groceries for seniors who are confined to home due to illness, recent surgery or who find it difficult to walk/stand in the grocery stores for any length of time. Fee Based

Home Help / Home Maintenance

We provide an opportunity for you to hire a Service Arrangement Worker for jobs such as light housekeeping, snow removal, lawn care, etc. All workers have received security clearance. Pricing of jobs is agreed upon between the client and the worker. Fee Based

Telephone Security

Dedicated volunteers are carefully linked with clients. These volunteers spend the required time as requested by the client encouraging the reassuring the client of any concerns they may have of loneliness or isolation. The volunteer may call daily, weekly or as often as the client wishes.  A Free Program

Friendly Visiting

Dedicated volunteers are linked one on one with clients requesting someone to come into their home and visit with them on a regular basis. In addition to visiting in the home, the friendly visitor may also go for a walk or have coffee with the individual, thus encouraging social integration in the community.  A Free Program

Foot Care Clinic

Regular foot care check-ups can help prevent major foot problems. Soft Soles Advanced Diabetic Foot Care’s skilled and knowledgeable nurses provide a wide range of services. Examination of feet and legs, preventative health teaching, treatment of ingrown or thick nails, calluses and corn care, referral service, and risk assessment for Diabetes.  Fee Based

Information & Referral

We link individuals with appropriate home support services including help with government forms. If we can’t provide the service, we usually know who does!  A Free Program

Income Tax Program

Each year we have volunteers, specially trained by Revenue Canada, who process your Income Tax Returns. Service is FREE with donations accepted.  Official tax receipt given for each donation. Community Volunteer Income Tax Program Short Video on the 2023 tax season

Medical Assistive Device Loan Program

Items such as canes, walkers and wheelchairs can be borrowed for short or long-term use and are free of charge.