About Us

About Arnprior-Braeside-McNab Seniors at Home Program Inc.

Mission Statement

Arnprior-Braeside-McNab Seniors At Home Program Inc. Is a non-profit charitable organization assisting and cooperating with other agencies in the administration and delivery of client centered COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES to encourage independent living and enhance the quality of life of seniors and individuals with special needs.


In 1980, Arnprior-Braeside-McNab Seniors At Home Program Inc. was founded in response to the need for a full range of home support services in the various communities. Through our local office, staff and volunteers now provide practical home assistance in the spirit of neighbour helping neighbour.

Our Philosophy

The concept of maintaining quality of life is key to Home Support. The aim is to enable those who are served to maintain maximum independence, hence enhancing their ability to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. Their own home is a place of comfort and security, an expression of their personalities, a place of memories, a reassurance
as to their place in the world and becomes a crucial aspect in continuing their quality of life.


Residents of the Town of Arnprior and the Township of McNab/Braeside who have attained the age of 55 as well as the disabled and individuals with special needs, no matter the age.