Seniors Radio Show


Marion Eidsness who draws on her experience of working in the senior service sector and managing volunteers in community agencies is the host of the “Seniors in our Communities” program that is on air each week at Valley Heritage Radio, 98.7 FM. It is aired Tuesday during the noon hour.

“This program has been on air since 2007. It is sponsored by 10 of Renfrew County’s community support agencies in partnership with Valley Heritage Radio. ”

“The format and length of time for the program changed due to Covid in September of 2020.  Instead of chatting with guests on air, I relay to listeners information provided to me by the sponsoring agencies as well as a few other community agencies about their services during these Covid times in a shorter timeframe.  This is now done over the phone.”

“On Tuesday September 21, Marion welcomes Joanne Caldwell, Renfrew Recreation Department.